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Mind Body Shen is a wellness spa in Lenexa Kansas specializing in acupuncture for cosmetic enhancement and pain relief. We also provide customized treatments including massage therapy, cupping, physical therapy, life coaching and more.

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About Ashley

Acupuncture & Massage Therapy.

Ashley trained at the number one ranked acupuncture and Chinese medicine college in the nation. She focused on treating pain, but also found a love for cosmetic acupuncture and is excited to share this natural option for youthfulness, health and beauty with her clients. Acupuncture has the ability to help with appearance, while also treating the root. So not only do you look better, but you start feeling better in the process. Ashley also enjoys treating with a style that is quick, uses few needles, and often offers instant pain relief. She looks forward to sharing the art of acupuncture with her clients.


About Rajesh

Advanced Physical Therapy & Life Coaching.

Rajesh has always had a focus on helping others.  He recognized the complexities of the body and continued his Physical Therapy education obtaining six certifications of excellence to benefit his patients at the highest level. Rajesh then changed his focus to include the importance of the mind.  He has studied the work of many brilliant minds. He has traveled to India, Nepal, Mexico and Columbia in this journey to learn about overcoming the challenges of life.  He now has the ability to incorporate his training to treat both the body and the mind.


SHEN is the Chinese word for "soul" or "spirit".
In traditional Chinese medicine the physician will describe this as the shimmer in someone’s eyes, or the luster of their skin.
If it has a glow, vitality and luster it has good SHEN.

Natural Medicine

“The atmosphere is friendly and engaging. The massage is consistently personalized. Ashley has extensive knowledge of both Western and Eastern medicine and is able to incorporate both in her work. I have Great respect for Ashley and have never left without feeling “physically transformed” in some way. I have had a lot of massages but Ashley’s technique is truly unique”

Jenna A.

My sessions with Rajesh have been just what I needed each time! After my first session I was walking taller and breathing deeper than I had in a long time. He is very intuitive and can help you identify the source of your pain whether it be emotional and/or physical.Using a variety of methods has helped bring pain relief and increase range of motion and mobility in my notoriously tight hips and shoulder. I’m so thankful.

Merrilee B.D.

Finding my way to Rajesh has been life changing. He has a gift of being able to help others. He uses that gift to listen and does not judge. He offers ideas and guided me to process life challenges and baggage. The things that were keeping me from being happy. I highly recommend Rajesh as a life coach. He can make a great difference in your life.



Wellness & Beauty in Lenexa Kansas!

Acupuncture. Massage Therapy. Physical Therapy. Life Coaching.

8829 Long Street, Lenexa, KS 66215



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