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Hear What They’re Saying

Ashley’s acupuncture treatments have had such a positive impact on my quality of life. I have had chronic pain in my lower back for several years and with her treatments it is gone (such a huge relief). Her abilities don’t stop there, she is skilled at assisting me in treating my other pain conditions and warding off the migraines I have. In addition to these skills, she listens deeply to the changes each week and explains the details and the principles of acupuncture as they relate to your needs. I recommend her acupuncture services to anyone who is in the midst of chronic pain. 

Anastasia W.

I’ve had an awesome transformation in my health, energy and mood since beginning weekly treatments. I am now back to doing my hobbies, work, and activities of daily living with positivity and creativity. Thanks Ashley for your help! I’ve felt like I spent the last year with so little energy, and your practice has made me feel better very quickly.

Pam W.

Absolutely amazed by my experience with Ashley today! I’ve never had cupping done or any acupuncture and my body feels amazing. I had no idea the extent of services both her and her husband offer. She is very good at finding the spots that are causing trouble and allowing them to be released. She definitely walked through my plethora of questions and took time to explain each thing to me! Very professional and beautiful office. I’m excited for my next appointment!

Ember H.

“The atmosphere is friendly and engaging. The massage is consistently personalized. Ashley has extensive knowledge of both Western and Eastern medicine and is able to incorporate both in her work. I have Great respect for Ashley and have never left without feeling 

“physically transformed” 

in some way. I have had a lot of massages but Ashley’s technique is truly unique”

Jenna A.

My sessions with Rajesh have been just what I needed each time! After my first session I was walking taller and breathing deeper than I had in a long time. He is very intuitive and can help you identify the source of your pain whether it be emotional and/or physical. Using a variety of methods has helped bring pain relief and increase range of motion and mobility in my notoriously tight hips and shoulder. I’m so thankful

Merrilee B.D.

“Ashley is amazing!! My wife and I have tried many different services, spas, and therapists, and Ashley is just the best, bar none! Her service is luxurious, while still being completely functional. She listens and adjusts to our needs every time. She never disappoints!!.”

Zach L.

“Ashley is an amazing massage therapist, she is able to provide both relaxation and therapy with her knowledge of how the body works and the tools she has from hot stones to cupping its a wonderful holistic approach to massage.

Hillary F.

I have always know that the mind and body are connected but this was this first time I have experienced physical therapy to incorporate both. I went to address some nerve pain I was having in my right arm, a problem I have had for years. Rajesh quickly found the problem to be starting in my neck and then after a few mins asked if I was carrying a lot of emotional weight recently. In fact I was! There had been much chaos in my life and I was holding the stress of it all in my neck as I was trying to be strong and hold it all together for my family. We quickly transitioned from physical work to more emotional work that incorporated metal bowls and drumming vibrations on my heart. He lead me through a meditation and so much energy was released. I cried and got calm. I was not expecting this whatsoever. After the appointment I felt lighter, like something was really released in me. Intuitively Rajesh knew that before he could work on me physically he needed to help me emotionally. Again because our mind and body are connected. I would highly recommend Rajesh to any of my friends or family and tell them to go with an open mind.

Sidnie R.

“I’ve been using massage therapy for stress strains, past car accident injury and back pain for decades. Without a doubt, Ashley is the best massage therapist I have ever experienced. 

She is intuitive and her methods are effective. Her use of hot stones is amazing. I’ve had previous bad experiences with hot stones so I was hesitant, but now I can’t wait for my next massage from Ashley”

Molly S.

“Ashley gives fantastic massages! My husband and I agree, Ashley’s massages are some of the best we have ever experience. 

My whole body feels relaxed afterwards. 

Ashley has a ton of experience and a thorough understanding of the human body. She does a great job focusing on the areas that give me the most trouble and they feel improved for days afterwards. 

I would recommend her to anyone. I’m looking forward to my next massage!”

Kaitlyn S.

Ashley is amazing! I carry a ton of tension in my neck and shoulders. And I suffer from migraines because of it. 

Ashley is the best medicine for me. 

She gets in there and works out any issues I am having. I always feel so much better after she is finished. My boyfriend and I often get the couples massage and we both highly recommend her.”

Elizabeth L.

Wow! First time I have been to a massage in a long time and I was blown away! Such a great experience, literally the most relaxed I have ever been. True professional, she has such a calm happy demeanor and she knows what she’s doing! Book a time you sincerely won’t regret it. 

Dillon P.

Ashley is amazing. I can honestly say it’s one of the best massages I’ve had. She incorporates hot stones, essential oils, & optional cupping. She’s very intuitive. I felt like she knew when to stay longer on certain muscles. I’d recommend her to anyone.

Nicki T.

Ashley makes me feel comfortable and safe. It’s literally the highlight of my month! I can’t say enough how amazing she is. I highly recommend!

Olivia W.

Finding my way to Rajesh has been life changing. He has a gift of being able to help others. He uses that gift to listen and does not judge. He offers ideas and guided me to process life challenges and baggage. The things that were keeping me from being happy. I highly recommend Rajesh as a life coach. He can make a great difference in your life.

C. J.

After month of severe pain in my toe, multiple doctor visits, X-rays, and immobility devices, Rajesh FINALLY fixed it!!!! He uses a unique technique that got to the root of the problem. Today I have no toe pain. He is willing to explore the problem and develop a unique treatment for you. Thank you Rajesh! I’m off to run and jump again.

Dyana D.

Rajesh is a top notch, certified Life Coach who deeply cares about his clients. He is very patient and listens intently to you and your story. He then works with you to help navigate the issues you both decide are most pressing. Rajesh is kind and compassionate and never makes you feel rushed. He truly is a great practitioner who thrives on serving his clients and helping them through the challenges of life. He has helped me on multiple occasions clear the muddy waters and offer guidance through difficult times. I highly recommend you give Rajesh an opportunity to work with you as a Life coach

Scott L.

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